Morning Light Counseling Options is a part of Peoples Health Care Connections out of Tucson, Arizona. We provide a wide range of services including individual and group counseling, psychosocial rehabilitation, case management, DUI evaluations and treatment and other court-ordered services. We are dedicated to serving the people of Northern New Mexico and are particularly interested in helping disadvantaged minority group members.    


Our Mission:


Morning Light Counseling Options is committed to providing high quality behavioral health services that are client-focused and strength-based. Our goal is to assist our clients to reach their full potential as human beings by giving them the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to overcome the obstacles in their lives.

Program Philosophy:

Our treatment philosophy is to assist clients in developing, improvising , and maintaining effective coping skills that will help the client live independently and successfully in the community to the greatest extent possible. Clients and their family members are given the tools to empower themselves and develop an increased quality of life.