Holistic Services:

We offer a variety of Holistic services aswell.

 We have a list of Holistic and Spiritual Providers that we contract to provide individual and group services as well as

 classes and workshops.

Curanderismo: Integrating an ancient healing tradition in addiction and recovery treatment  
Traditional Healers will share their experience and success in applying ancient healing practices in treating addiction and recovery.  Curanderismo is an ancient approach to healing that is grounded in the earth and natural world to restore balance and wellness.  Curanderismo has its roots in Meso-America, which includes Mexico and Central America, and is a form of traditional healing that continues today in particular among Mexicano/Latino communities.  Patients' cultural beliefs may affect acceptance of healthcare, compliance and treatment outcomes.  Understanding Curanderismo’s importance for some patients could mean a better road to recovery.